After Meursault arranged for his mother to live in a nursing home, why did he visit her so infrequently?
He finds it bothersome to travel all the way to his mother's nursing home. That, and it would mean having to take up one of his days where he rests. Not to mention that he and his mother were never really close and she was happy there anyways.

Does Meursault give an explanation for wanting/not wanting to see the open casket? Why would someone respond in this way? In your opinion, is this normal behavior?
Meursault didn't really want to see his mother and nor did he give an explanation of why. I think a person could respond this way if they thought that it would cause them too much grief, or because they were extremely sincere and didn't want anyone to go through any trouble whatsoever for them. Of course, int Meursault's case, I think that he didn't care that much. I think it could be normal behavior, but more often not.

Describe Meursault’s dream-like experience beginning on page 9. What is happening?
He is dozing off, then waking up again. He is half-asleep and notices things, but he doesn't care for them. There were men making funny noises with their cheeks, and a man sleeping on a chair. 

What are three (3) of Meursault’s last thoughts of the burial?
That he might acquire heatstroke, how an old man was crying, that he'd sleep for 12 hours when he got back home
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